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With a population of approximately 257,900 and a civilian labor force of over 127,500, St. Tammany offers a highly-skilled, highly-trained workforce for businesses in any industry.

Our nationally-recognized K-12 education system and our world-renowned professional and technical schools produce dedicated new workers every year. Our students’ ACT scores consistently rank above the national average.

  • 44% of our residents have a high school diploma or less.
  • 20% of our residents have attended at some college.
  • 37% of our residents have attained college degrees.

St. Tammany has enjoyed a 16.5% increase in job growth over the past ten years. Over the same period of time, Louisiana saw a 1.7% increase in job growth. The nation saw a 5.8% increase in job growth.

Total wages in St. Tammany increased by 51% over the last ten years. The average household income is $65,716.

Top Industries by Jobs:

  1. Healthcare & Social Services | 41,392 jobs
  2. Retail | 30,472 jobs
  3. Education | 14,880 jobs
  4. Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services | 13,429 jobs

—GIS Planning